Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College,

Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

(An autonomous State Government Engineering College of Uttarakhand)



aThe department of Mechanical Engineering in just 7 years of its establishment has come along way developing along modern lines by laying emphasis upon computational tools, simulation, analysis, designing and manufacturing techniques. The department has identified thrust areas for growth which include Simulation and Modeling; Solid mechanics and Design; Manufacturing Sciences and Mechatronics & Micro-Sensors. Current B.E. Program has laid proper emphasis upon manufacturing and design courses with broad-based electives, two semester project work and focus on basics. Also the Department intends to provide a flexible approach for the students to specialize in CAD/CAM through a host of professional electives, seminars and mandatory practical training in industry. The Objective of the Mechanical Engineering Department is to assist the students to develop the professional skill in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering and to enable them to persue the professional carrier as Mechanical Engineer in the nation and international arena. The department offers two undergraduate courses:

Mechanical Engineering Block

To achieve academic excellence, departmental laboratories and workshops are well equipped with standard equipments as per the university syllabus. Out of large number of machines name of the few of them are as follows: Torsion testing machine, Fatigue testing machine, Universal testing machine, Rockwell cum Brinell hardness testing machine, Impact testing machine, Metacentric height, Bernoulli’s Apparatus, Venturi meter and Orifice meter Apparatus, Laminar and turbulent flow Apparatus, Reynolds Apparatus, Free & Forced vortex Apparatus, Losses in pipes and fittings Apparatus, Pipe friction Apparatus, Orifice & Notch Apparatus, Whirling of shaft Apparatus, Motorized Gyroscope, Corollis Apparatus, Universal Governor Apparatus, Epicyclic gear train Apparatus, Cam analysis machine, Universal vibration testing Apparatus, Static and dynamic balance Apparatus, Micrometer, Bore gauge, Inside dial caliper, Dial gauge, Outside Micrometer, Vernier Height Gauge, Depth Micrometer, Slip gauge, Universal bevel protractor, Radius gauge, Surface roughness tester, Thread measuring gauge, Cooling cyclometer, Refrigeration cycle test rig, Refrigeration tutor, Air conditioning cycle test rig, Air conditioning tutor, Water chilling plant, Kaplan and Francis Turbine & Propeller

Sponsored & Academic Projects                

Sponsored Projects:

1. MODROBS-Development of Advanced CNC Vertical machining Center and Advanced EDM Shop.

·             Grant: Rs. 14 lacs.

·             Granting Agency: AICTE, New Delhi


2. Development of CNC Lathe Machine Shop.

·             Grant: Rs. 6 Lacs

·             Granting Agency: Govt. of Uttaranchal



Establishment of Tool Room in Uttaranchal State .

Academic Project Areas:


CNC Machine

Turbine, Gear Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Impact of Jet, Heat Treatment furnace, Metallurgical dMicroscope, Two and Four stroke Petrol diesel engines.
Workshop of the mechanical engineering department is well equipped. The workshop of the department can proudly boast of state-of-the-art Advanced CNC Vertical Machining Centre, Advanced Electric Discharge Machine Shop, and Metallographic Lab with fully automated Computerized Image Analyzer System. Apart from these machines, there are fitting shop, carpentry & pattern making shop.

Strength of Material Lab

Fluid Machine Lab
The institute workshop provides a true industrial environment where the students can hone their skills in manufacturing technology through the number of machines & other modern equipments. The workshop instructors are very experienced and drawn from top industry houses. Sharing their experience & skills of modern technology with new budding engineers is an added asset.

Lab facility in the department

 Computing Facilities   


  The department has identified Computer Aided Design as one of its key thrust areas and has developed excellent computational  facilities to  meet  the demands of  latest engineering applications,  designs,  developments  and   research.

  The department has a central computing facility consisting of high end networked Pentium-IV systems with softwares like AutoCAD, MATLAB, IDEAS etc and other software for Engineering Drawing, Machine Drawing, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanics, Dynamics etc.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

S. No.






Dr. K.K.S. Mer

Associate Professor & Head

B.E., M.E., Ph.D

Machine Design & Composite Materials


Mr. Ashutosh Gupta

Associate Professor

B.E., M.Tech.

Engineering  System, RAC, Automobile


Mr. Lalta Prasad (On Leave)

Assistant Professor

Persuing Ph.D, B.E., M.Tech.

HMT, IC Engines, CFD, Thermodynamics.


Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel

Assistant Professor

B.E., M.Tech.

Production & Welding Engineering, CAD,CAM


Mr. Hemant Kumar

Assistant Professor

B.E., M.Tech.(Persuing)

 M/C Design , Production, Welding


Mr. Nitin Kumar

Assistant Professor

B.E., M.Tech (persuing)



Mr. Amit Joshi

Assistant Professor

B.E., M.Tech



Mr. Pawan Pant

Assistant Professor

B.E., M.Tech



Mr. Brijesh Gangil

Assistant Professor

B.E., M.Tech



Mr. Piyush Srivastava

Assistant Professor

B.E., M.Tech





















Mechanical Engineering (4 Yrs., 8 Semesters):


The department offers core courses in Basic Mechanical Engg., Material Science, Engineering Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials,  Applied Thermodynamics, Kinematics of Machines,  Measurement & Metrology, Manufacturing Science,  Industrial Engineering, Product Development & Design, Machine Design, Dynamics of Machine, Heat & Mass Transfer, Project Management, IC Engine, Fluid Machinery, Automatic Controls, Refrigeration &  Air Conditioning.

The department curriculum also includes interdisciplinary courses like Electrical machines, Fundamentals of Information Technology, Industrial Economics & Principals of Management Science.

The department offers advanced elective courses like Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology, Production Technology, Engineering System  Design, Advanced  Strength  of     Material, Automobile Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.


Detailed information about the Course Curriculum Semester wise, Course Contents and Evaluation Grades can be had from the Curriculum Booklet available at the Office of the Head, MED.