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Miss Kritika Kaul

Third Year

Department of Electrical Engineering



The air carries a nip. Well, something to be glad of, because the extreme north of the country is FROZEN!!!! I still am content to be home as the college felt like it had been shifted to Antarctica, the hostel rooms seemed like igloos built of ice blocks rather than bricks, and we were the Eskimos residing within. Here, people all around keep souring out aggression on anything and everything. “Why does it get so cold, why does the earth need to revolve? Couldn’t it stay closest to the sun for just a year?” Well, I say surely earth has got some problems! And I even suggest people to keep the anger within. It would help them stay warmer this season.
I on the other hand, am in love with this season. The HO! HO! HO! and the jingling bells fill the vicinity with a Christmassy ting. And before you get over it, the countdown begins to a new start, to a new year! And the semester break holidays top it all, like a cherry tops a cake. This time, although there was a twist in the tail. The holidays appended by Exams! And as the holidays pass by swiftly, we just keep accruing the courage, so as to someday actually start studying. And the story of us all…. we never are able to collect that amount of gut!!!!

The sun sets and the skies grow dark. The consent of the sun and the moon forms a night, lit up by twinkling dots which perform till the next dawn.

Winter nights though freezing, feel lovely at home. Calmness within mind immensely increases its ability to appreciate. It resists obnoxious behaviors and keeps our actions sane. This is the thing I love the most about holidays. There is no rush of getting anywhere or the burden of completing the pending. The time to be creative and do all that didn’t find time before. I love these days, and I wish they never end! Hope we think alike….have a great winter break!!!!!


winter break
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