Since past few decades computer has changed the practices in electrical engineering in exemplary way. TREE’14 aims to provide a platform for bringing together teachers, researchers, professional managers and policy makers. The conference aspires to discuss about recent advancements in offline and online computer application techniques including use of associated field of optimization, modelling, simulation expert system, artificial intelligence, neural network etc., and also to discuss the absorption of these areas in academic curriculum and industrial practice. There conference also hopes to deliberate talks on directions needed to be taken up for the future courses of R&D; and training in this area.

Beside research papers, TREE'14 welcomes application oriented papers particularly related to industry as well as papers highlighting the applied problem for which appropriate solutions are being currently searched. Some of The themes identified for the conference are as under:

1. Smart Grid Technologies and Its Applications

2. Distribution System Automation and Reform

3. Digital Protection and SCADA

4. Design, Operation and Condition Monitoring Of Power Apparatus

5. Intelligent and Virtual Instrumentation

6. Distributive Electronics Measurements

7. Digital Signal and Image Processing

8. Digital Control, Automation and Robotics

9. Flexible AC Transmission System

10. Power Electronics

11. Power Quality Issues

12. Power System Restructuring and Deregulation

13. Power Semiconductors Controlled Electric Drives

14. Renewable Energy System

15. System Modelling and Simulation

16. Telemedicine and Bio-informatics

17. Medical Instrumentation

18. Digital System Design

19. Medical Signal and Image Processing

20. Energy Conservation and Audit

21. Mechatronics

22. Eco Technology

23. Digital Signal Processing

25. Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

26. Smart Building

27. Smart Communication

28. Electric Vehicle

29. Wireless Power Transmission

30. Bio-fuel Technology

31. Power System optimization

32. Power system control

33. Intelligent control system

34. Artificial intelligence applications

Prospective authors, intending to present their research papers, are requested to submit their full length paper in IEEE standard format having restricted length, which when accepted should be limited to maximum 6 pages of IEEE double column format. The author should indicate the theme under which the article would be considered in the conference. The paper may be submitted on A4 size. The research papers will be reviewed by a panel of experts from various fields. After recommendation of the reviewers, the acceptance of paper will be sent along with the instructions for preparing the final manuscript. For papers to be published in conference, it will be obligatory for at least one of the authors to register and present the paper in conference. All the papers presented in TREE'14 will be included in conference proceedings. Efforts will be made to publish some quality papers in referred journal.