Information regarding Editors and Editorial board

1. Editor-in-chief

Er. V. M.Mishra, HOD, EE

2. Chief Editor

Er. Shishir Sarkar, Asst. Professor, EE

3. Editor

Er. Bhola Jha, Asst. Professor, EE

4. Editorial board

All faculties of Electrical Department 1. Mr. Apporva Singh, EE, 4th year.
  2. Mr. Sandeep Kumar, EE, 4th year.
  3. Miss Kritika Kaul, 3rd year, EE
  4. Miss Himangi Garbial, 3rd year, EE
  5. Miss Sangeeta Chauhan, 3rd year, EE
  6. Mr. Vibhor, 3rd year, EE
  7. Mr. Nitish, 3rd year, EE
  9. Mr. Ashish Rawat, 3rd year, EE
  9. Mr. Abhishek Chandramola, 3rd year, EE
  10. Mr. Chandrakant, 3rd year, EE
  11. Mr. Gaurav, 3rd year, EE
  12. Mr. Azad Rawat, 3rd year, EE
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