1. Date of Birth : 02 May 1951


2 Educational Qualifications :


Examination Passed

Name of College/ University

Year of Passing

Class/ Division Awarded

Major Subjects Offered

B.Sc. Engineering

(Electrical Engineering)

MIT, Muzaffarpur

Bihar University,



First Division

Electrical Power Systems, Machines, Electronics, Control Systems & Communication Engg.

PG Diploma in Business Administration (Equivalent to MBA)

Institute of Productivity and Management, Meerut


Second Class

Personnel Mgt, MIS, Operations Research, Production Mgt,, Marketing Mgt, Finance Mgt,, Materials Mgt. OBHR

Master of Engineering (Communication Systems)

College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Madras


First Class with Distinction

Digital, Optical & Satellite Communication Systems, Digital & Image Signal Processing, CAD, DBM Computer Networks, Architecture & Operating Systems.

Doctorate of Philosophy (Electronics and Communication Engineering)

Institute of Post Graduate Studies & Research JNTU, Hyderabad



Digital Communications, Radar Systems & Signal Processing.

Research Work:-

Prediction Error Adaptive Filter in MTI Radar and Pattern Recognition


3. Professional Training/Courses/Seminars etc attended/participated:

        Foundation Course at Lal Bhadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussorie;

        Various Army professional courses including:

  GE Equipment Orientation Course,

  Principal Staff Course,

  Senior Command Course and

  Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing Course;

        Number of short term courses and National and International Seminars/workshops/conferences on wide ranging topics like:

  Industry-Institute-Govt. Synergy for Competitive Advantage

  Education in Knowledge Economy

  Policy on National Technical Education

  IT policy on Rural Development

  Information and Network Security

  Knowledge Networking in Engineering Education & Research

  Technical Education Quality Improvement Project of GOI

  Quality in Technical Education in Private Institutions, etc.


4. Field of Specialization : Radar and Digital Signal processing

Remote Sensing Satellite

Digital and Image Signal Processing EMI / EMC, IMS.

Signal- Communication Engineering

Operations Research


5. Employment Record (in Inverse Order):


Srl. No

Name and Address

of the Employer

Date of joining and duration of Service

Designation of Post held

Nature of Work and responsibilities





Punjab Institute of Management and Technology, Mandi Gobindgarh (Punjab)

April 2005

( 1 yr 9 months)


Punjab Institute of Management & Technology,

Mandi Gobindgarh





Engineering College, Kota

(An Autonomous Institute of

Govt. of Rajasthan),

Govt. of Rajasthan

Sep 2003

(1 yr 3 months)


Engineering College, Kota

(now Rajasthan Technical University)

Academic and administrative

head of the institute.

Please refer paragraph 8 of the resume




National Institute of Technology, Silchar.

MHRD, Govt. of India


Jul 2000

(3 yrs)


National Institute of Technology (A Deemed University) earlier known as Regional Engineering College, Silchar (Assam)



Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, (SLIET)


July 1997

(2 yrs 5 months)


Department of Electronics and Communication Engg.

SLIET, Longowal (A Centreral Govt Inst. now Deemed University)



Army Headquarters, Ministry of Defence,

New Delhi



July 1974

Premature retirement from Army Service in July 97 in the rank of COLONEL

(total army service 22 yrs 11 months)

Served in the various Army field and peace units including category A Training Establishments and Civil Research Organization like Department of Space.

Please refer paragraph 9 of the resume




Ministry of Railway

Oct 1973

ADE Training

at DSP, Durgapur


6. Research Experience in Defense and Civil organisations

        A total of eight years of experience in Army research installations like Wireless Experimental Unit and Army EMC Agency and in Civil organisations like National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad (Dept. of Space, Govt. of India).


        In the field of Communication Engineering (Radar Signal Processing) Prediction Error Adaptive Filter in Moving Target Indicator Radar" at College of Military Engineering, Pune and at National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad.


        Indira Radar (alternate channel B) modified on this concept achieving gain of five to seven dbs. Radar became immune to dense fog like conditions and chaff. All such radars are now modified.


  • In the field of Radio Communications (Duct Propagation) at Wireless Experimental Unit in Army (classified).


  • In the field of Image Signal Processing (Pattern Recognition in Digital Images -Classified) at National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad.


  • In the field of Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (Electronic Environment Evaluation and Frequency Assignment) at Army EMC Agency, Mhow. To Analyse, Design and Develop a dedicated software package for evaluating Electromagnetic Environment for Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility and for Automatic Assignment of Frequencies for Interference Free Net Radio Communications in Army (Classified).


        Project Work Experience As Officer - in - Charge Core Team at National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad (under Department of Space), worked on a dedicated Project in the field of Remote Sensing Satellite and Data Processing (IRS-1C). My work, in addition to managing, monitoring, coordinating and controlling the various project related activities, involved in System development and Data Processing.

7. (a) List of Presentation of Papers in Symposia/Seminars etc. : 21

(b) Papers published in Indian/ International Journals : 16


8. Awards

        National Engineers Award for the year 1992 -93 for research work in the field of Radar Signal Processing.

        Vishwakarma Award for the year 1993 -94 for research work in the field of Radar Signal Processing.( for successful modification in the alternate channel of Indira Radar).