Editor's Message

Er. Shishir Sarkar, Chief Editor

(Asst. Professor)

Department of Electrical Engineering



First of all, I would like to give lot of thanks to Dr.(Prof.) Anurag Kumar Swami, Principal, G.B.P.E.C. for his consent and approval to start monthly eMagazine “ELECTRICAL SPARK OF GBPEC (eSpark)”.

I would also like to thank Mr. V.M. Mishra, HOD, EE for helping & motivating me a lot for publishing the first issue of the eMagazine.

I am also very much gratified to my friend Er. Bhola Jha, Asst. Professor, EE, for helping me in selecting the name of eMagazine and accepting to work as an editor of the eMagazine. I thank him to be with me in this work.

I give special thanks to my those elite students and colleagues, who full heartedly, has come to become a member of editorial board and has shown a trust and confidence in taking the responsibility of carrying out the publishing work of the eMagazine.

Literature is the core of any culture and civilization, which reflects the thought, knowledge, mind, intelligence and technology of the people of that time. Literature gives a new radiance and direction to the society. Therefore all the person of GBPEC are requested to give their original, innovative and useful articles etc. for publishing, so that everyone can share it.



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