Technical Education Quality Improvement Programe

G. B. Pant Engineering College, Pauri

Coordinator:Dr. Ajeet Kumar

Progress made by the Institute under the project since inception:

1.     Academic Excellence:

(i)                Equipments:


The TEQIP project started during financial year 2004-05. Since the overall academic excellence of an institute also depends upon the basic infrastructure of the college. There is a lot of improvement in the infrastructural way and is possible only due to this project. Naming few among those have been procured for the said mentioned growth,


·       Providing all faculty members PC, Printer, UPS and Pen drive to enhance their personnel computing facility.

·       Providing Laptop/Tablet Pc's to Head of the departments, Officer in charges and also faculty members who are doing their research work.

·       Individual departments have been provided, their own photocopier machine also heavy duty printer for the faculty members and students of concerned department.

·       Every department has their own seminar room with LCD Projector facility.

·       Every department has their own departmental library with books and Library furniture procured under this project.

·       EDUCATION through SATELITE for online learning from other universities developed by AICTE has been newly installed.

Four Departments are coming under this project namely-

·        Mechanical Engineering Department

·        Electrical Engineering. Department

·        Electronics and Communication Engineering. Department

·        Computer Science and Engineering. Department.

There is a lot of improvement in the laboratory and other teaching facility, department wise naming those;


Mechanical Engineering Department:


·        Automobile Laboratory have been newly developed.

·        Fluid machinery laboratory have been newly developed.

·        3 D Pantograph machine for the workshop have been procured.

·        Department computing lab has been modernized.

·        Modern Control System Laboratory has been newly developed.

·        Computer aided design laboratory have been newly developed.

·        One smart class room with modern teaching facility equipments     for all departments has been setup.

·         Digital storage oscilloscope with high frequency range capacity has been procured for all labs.


Electronics and Communication Engineering. Department:


·        Communication Laboratory has been modernized.

·        VLSI Laboratory has been modernized.

·        T-Spice software for design of VLSI circuits and simulation has been procured and installed in the CAD lab..

·        Digital storage oscilloscope with high frequency range has been procured for all labs.


Computer Science and Engineering Department.

·        Computer Graphics lab with workstation computer, Maya Software, Toon boom, Harmony, 3-D max software have been newly developed.

·        Computer networks lab have been newly developed.

·        Linux Lab has been modernized.


(ii)             Furniture:


This is another important component of Academic Excellence. Total expenditure on this component till date is 2.674 million. Naming those furniture procured are as follows

·        Class room Duel Desks

·        Library Furniture (Elmira's, Racks, Periodical Display racks etc)

·        Faculty tables, chairs and Visiting chairs.


(iii)           Books & LR's:


      There is a lot of improvement in this component and is possible only due to this project. The total no. of volumes of the college library has been enhance from 10000 to 25000.40 nos. of journal have been subscribed. 3000 nos. of Video courses for all departments have been procured developed by reputed professors of reputed IIT'S. On line class test system have been introduced by the procurement of e-learning software.


(iv)           Training and Study Tours:


      The quality of teaching by the faculty members have been improved a lot by attending nos. of training programs, Workshops & Conferences organized by reputed IIT's, NIT's in India also by reputed organizations in abroad. One faculty member have visited Washington  for one week for presenting a paper in an international conference and 4 faculty members have visited Sydney for attending an one week international training program on "Pneumatics" organized by SMC Pneumatics, Sydney with the help of this component of the project.


2.     Networking of Institutions:


      The college is always sending its faculty members, staff and students to the networking institutes for academic resources sharing, participating in training programs, workshops & Conferences. Our students are getting a lot of help from this component of the project by attending placement interviews regularly at DIT Dehradun. Faculty members of G. P. Dehradun have visited twice to our college for academic interaction and students of DIT Dehradun have visited once for attending placement interview. The college has also procured video conferencing equipment for interaction with the networking partners.


3.     Services to Community & Economy:


The College has conducted the following training programs for the community under this component.

·       Computer awareness (35 participants)

·       Plumbing Techniques (44 Participants)

·       Water tank Fittings     (38 Participants)

·       Fitting techniques       (36 Participants)

·       Machining techniques  (36 participants)

·       Installation, testing,repair & maintenance of Transformer in association with UREDA Dehradun (24 participants from Bageswar & Nainital)

·       Carpentry techniques (94 participants in two batches)

Training kits, tool kits and certificates were used to be provided to all participants.



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