Miss Himangi Garbial

Third Year

Department of Electrical Engineering



Since the time when man got his very existence, he prayed and he worshiped GOD, being in the form of power (Vidhut shakti), water (Jal), earth (Prithvi) and fire (Agni). He worshiped, he prayed and by the time as he got resources, he got power. Then he used it to make a better life, and the new world created from the hands of those who dared to show their power. Now, the “POWER” has become the indispensable for mankind. Among the different forms, the GOD of power is known as “ECRIS”. It symbolizes the energy and the enlightenment to path of goodness.

Now, as in 21st centaury know, we how power in the form of electricity, which plays a significant role in our life. From our daily life routine stuffs to heavy industries, all are working on heavy power supplies and it has become the backbone to the existence of mankind. Beginning from the small electronics appliances used in our homes like radio, refrigerator, television etc. to the very big machines like generator, motors etc., power is required everywhere. “POWER IS EVERYWHERE, NOT THAT IT ENGULFS EVERYTHING, BUT THAT IT COMES FROM EVERYWHERE”. If power wouldn’t have been there, life seems to be incomplete, LIFE SEEMS TO BE DARK.

But with this coming new era, a time has also arrived when we all need to conserve the power so as to save the mankind. Heavy utilization of power resources and the upcoming demand for the luxurious life for humans had brought the verge of extinction of energy i.e power. Measures like using renewable sources of energy, should be promoted and be followed to save power. On the one hand there are even such homes in villages, where poor people still don’t get the whole day electricity power supply, on the other hand where we can’t even withstand 1hr power cut.

So we really need to think upon, we need to do something, we need to WAKE UP…..!!! We need to save power so to let the people all over the world get the power supply and enlighten their future, whereas ensuring that the coming generation have a safe and prosperous life.


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