Miss Kritika Kaul

Third Year

Department of Electrical Engineering



Stop waiting, look within yourself!

Take a deep breath. With a light melody pouring through your ears let all your problems go out. Those folds never look good on thy forehead…. Give your eyebrows a rest, and smile a little. Feeling better? I did the exact, and I surely did feel a lift in my soul. Positivity is just a feeling, so is happiness. We relate them with good and bad happenings in life. But actually it is absolutely your wish how you want to feel. This is one of my noblest thoughts and it is quick that I realize, the whole life could wrap up with this one thought…….

I am neither a preacher, nor am I dolling any sermons. I neither am trying to teach you how to live. I know that it would be difficult to take satisfied deep breaths when you know you’ll be fired from your job the next day. You couldn’t give up the wrinkles of your forehead while burning under the hot sun. And when your love is driven apart from you, it would be difficult to smile. Sadness does find ways of mingling itself with lives. Your victory lies within accruing courage and finding happiness. That would be a true hero. One who could strive through any storm at its worst.

Live your life!!

Life is to see, enjoy, observe, feel, know, acquaint. Life is to live! Tresses on your eyebrows are just spoiling your beautiful time. Iron them off. You look amazing while smiling. Find a reason to live fully and heartedly.

Look outside the window. See that butterfly fluttering its bright wings. Ever seen that butterfly in restrains? When the Lord forbade its kids from eating the intelligent fruit, he had thought our good. We weaved webs around us.

We are restraining our flights ourselves, flights to the never ending sky. Get up and stretch your wings. They haven’t witnessed activity from a long time. Go on to flutter them……….. Go on to fly!!!


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