goonj-07 Cultural, Arts & Literary Events


"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away"-Antoine de Saint Exupery



1. Nirvana(Music)

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm & gaiety to life and to everything"-Plato

Event Name
No. of Entries from each college
Time Duration
Meri awaaz Suno {Hindi Solo(m/f)} 2(1male and 1 female) Sing your hearts out to any hindi song 5-7minutes
Ballad-de-exotica {English Solo(m/f)} 2(1male and 1 female) Rock the audience with any english no. 5-7minutes
Jugalbandi {Hindi Duet}
Bedazzle the crowds with your “JUGALBANDI” 5-7minutes
Bazm (Ghazal)
Create the aura of the regal times 5-7minutes
Sur Sangam (Group song)
Show harmony in group musical renditions 5-7minutes
Mahak mitti ki (Folk song) 1 Mesmerize with the smell of folk tunes 5-7minutes
Vaadya (Instrumental) 1 Test your mettle on the instruments that spell music magic 4 minutes

for further details contact:

Mukesh Pandey
Parikshit Kala
Music Secretaries

2. Drama

"A performance has only two essential elements: a performer and an audience".-Anonymous

No. of entries from each college
Time Duration
Ekanki (Skit) 1 entry(8-10 participants) Comedy, where the background remain unchanged 10-15 minutes
Laughter challenge (Stand up comedy) 2(solo) Make the audience laugh with your performance 5 minutes
Mime 1(6 participants in a group) Act with music sans speech 5 minutes
Bollywood 1(4 partipants)   3+5(8) minutes
Choreo theme 1(8-10 participants)   10-12 minutes

for further details contact:

Bhuvnesh Raghav(+91 9897946926)
Drama Secretary

3. Dance

"Dance is a poem of which each movement is a soul!"-Anonymous

No. of entries from each college
Time Duration
Solo Dance(m/f) 2(1 male and 1 female) Dance to the rhythm of the soul 5-7 minutes
Dance Duet 1 Sizzle the stage with enchanting chemistry 5-7 minutes
Group Dance 1(6-8 participants) Show your synchro skills 5-7 minutes
Folk Dance 1(6-8 participants) Color the times with folk spice 5-7 minutes

for further details contact:

Atul Kumar(+91 9719322238)
Dance Secretary

4. Literary

"One impulse from a vernal wood may teach you more of man of moral, evil and of good than all the sages can." -William Wordsworth

No. of entries from each college
Time Duration
Debate 2(1-for and 1-against) Opine to mass consensus 5+2(7)minutes
Extempore 1 Prove your stand 1+2(3)minutes
Trahimaam 1 Justify the fraud 2+2(4)minutes
Group Planning 1(a group of 4) The power of four 1+5(6)minutes
Business Plan 1(a group of 4) Who will be the business baazigar 5-7+2(7-9) minutes
Count Your Vote 1 What it takes to be P.M. 3 minutes
Quiz(General) 1(a group of 2) Know how much you know 40 minutes
Jantar-Mantar(puzzles) 1(a group of 2) Solve the conundrum 20 minutes
Ad-mad Show 1(a group of 3-5) Machiavellian to sell the product 1+2(3)minutes
Volta face 1 Benefit from treachery 1+1(2)minutes
Just a Minute(JAM) 1(a group of 2) Each minute matters 1*4(4)minutes
Anargal Pralap 1 Go par your imagination 50sec+10sec(1)minute
Spelling bee 1 Check your linguistics 10 minutes
Treasure hunt(crack the code) 1(a group of 2) The quest for treasure 24 hours

for further details contact:

Sagar Garg(+91 9412974646)
Mohit Upreti
Literary Secretararies

For any further information about Cultural Events contact:

Prasoon Srivastava(+91 9997256752)
Cultural Secretary