MCA Intro Meet 2009

In the continuation of previous 5 Years, an Intro-meet was organized successfully by the MCA 2nd Year students on 3rd September 2009. All MCA first Year, Second Year and the Third Year students along with the MCA Faculty were present in the meet. The motto to organize this meet was to increase the interaction of First Year MCA students with 2nd Yr and 3rd Year MCA students. The meet was inaugurated by Dr. Ashish Negi, Mr. Deepak Dangwal, Mr. S. K. Nirala, Mr. Vivek Ghildiyal, Mr. Vivek Tamta, Mr. Ashish Saklani and Mr. Y.S. Bhandari.

In his introductory speech MCA 2nd Year students Mr. Manohar chaturvedi and Ms. Kavita Verma informed the students about the importance of such kind of Introduction meet. Then, the students of MCA 1st Year were invited one by one to come on the stage and introduce themself. The anchoring of the Program was continued by Ms. Himanshi Jugran and Pankaj Kukreti of MCA 2nd Year.

The Meet was made successful by the technical support provided by the College Technical Secy Mr. Shailender Rawat B.Tech IV yr and Dy. Auditorium Secy. Mr. Ajay Kumar B.Tech IIIrd Yr along with two 2nd Year students. The Tea & refreshment arrangements were lookafter by Ms. Swati Chaudhary, Ms. Preeti Gururani, Ms. Reenu, Ms. Sonali and other girls of MCA 2nd Year. All the general arrangements were lookafter by Mr. Anil Kr. Naugain and Mr. Izhar Ahmed of MCA 2nd Year.

The dance performances of Ms. Shailesh Pushkar, Ms. Sneha Joshi were specially appreciated by the audiances. During the Program the decipline of the Auditorium was monitored by and maintened by a MCA 1st Year student Ms. Sneha Joshi.




At the end of the Meet Mr. Vivek Ghildiyal (Faculty) sung a nice song. The Meet commences successfully with the blessing speech of Dr. Ashish Negi followed by a nice song. The Dance Party was the main attaraction of the meet, in which all Year Students of MCA students participated actively and vibrantly.